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Jay Burleigh, Proprietor

Why you should choose us?

Some of our enterprise clients have been relying on our software daily for the last years. In I.T. years that's like ... forever. Actually we go back to Windows 3.1 together. We have seen our client's employees come and go. We have attended their employee's retirement parties. We have even had those retirees visit our home for coffee and free PC support. And after that long, some have become family friends.

So what's our secret?

Such longevity cannot simply be attributed to any one trait alone. Reliability, Support, Responsiveness, Knowledge and Experience. Our clients rate us highly in all these qualities. In our annual client satisfaction surveys we continually achieve overall highly satisfied scores and we continually strive for improvement. We listen to our clients and work with them, at all levels, to deliver outstanding solutions.

Oh, and there is our guarantee.

It is what we named the business after all. If our client isn't satisfied then they can have their money back. You see, we prefer our clients to choose to remain with us rather than be forced to remain due to a contract that locks them in. Our licenses are renewable annually. On top of that we offer 90 day trials on many products.Combine all that with highly competitive pricing plans and you can see why our clients stay with us. Contact us using the form below, so we can create your custom solution. We guarantee your organisation will be impressed. What have you got to lose?

GITC accredited supplier.

We have been providing I.T. solutions to government departments for years. We have scalable solutions in health statistics, fleet management, client & document management, equipment hire and cost recovery systems. We are able to work with your I.T. department to store your data on your own servers, or you may choose to use ours. We can create a custom web / mobile solution or a portable executable. Contact us using the form below if you want a reliable, risk free software solution.