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Running Sheet

A visual scheduler add-on for ANY MS Access or SQL booking database

What is Running Sheet

Running sheet is an add on schedular or calendar for databases that manage bookings or appointments. It will connect to any existing MS Access or SQL server (or express) databases.

RunningSheet can

  • Show the availablity of all of your resources on one screen
  • Drag and drop bookings
  • Extend or shrink bookings by dragging
  • Block out times when  resoureces are not available.
  • Display alerts for double bookings.
  • Quickly find bookings
  • Extensive reporting including:
    • Region filtering
    • Drillable reports
    • Easy export of reports to excel, email, & cut & paste
    • Customise and save reports with full QBE and SQL editor
    • Quick date selection

Take the headache out of scheduling
  • View all the organisations resources at once.
    No more going in and out of all resources calendars in order to find a free one.
  • Multiple viewing modes
    Day view, 5 or 7 day view, 4 week view.
  • Supports multiple resource pools
  • Improve your resource usage
  • Identify underused resources
  • Reduce superfluous resources

Allocate resources with confidence

  • Unallocated bookings display separately above other pools
  • Drag unallocated bookings to a free resource
  • Reallocate bookings quickly and easily
    To move a booking from one resource to another simply drag it. RunningSheet will update your database. No more jumping in and out of multiple Access screens.
Block out assets when they are unavailable
  • No more sticky notes
    E.g.  a staff member doesn’t work Fridays, or a vehicle is in for service Thursday week.
  • Create repeat unavailable bookings for recurring situations
    E.g. Staff that only work certain days of the week, or assets that require regular maintenance.
  • A single trustworthy source of resource availability in your organisation.
Find Bookings Fast

A prominent find box allows users to search for a booking, by date, name or booking number. Users can then jump straight to the booking.
Easy to Configure
  • Wizards will walk you through the setup.
  • Test buttons to confirm all is as it should be.
  • Advanced SQL builders for those who are competent in SQL queries.
Full Auditing

  • Every change made within Running Sheet is logged
  • Old value and new value is recorded
  • Your organisation will know who change what and when

Our Clients

Our Clients

Our Company

years providing software services to government

years providing software services to government departments

Some of our enterprise clients have been relying on our software daily for the last years. In I.T. years that's like ... forever. In fact, we go back to Windows 3.1 together.

We have seen our client's employees come and go. We have attended their employee's retirement parties. We have even had those retirees visit our home for coffee and free PC support. And after that long, some have become family friends.



“I have been using I.T. Guaranteed’s software for 18 years and have found the software is user-friendly and intuitive. This has enabled our fleet management to be targeted to achieving our goals and efficiencies. The odd issue has been resolved rapidly with no fuss as the system has been robust with very minimal down time. Reporting is easy with the click of a button, and the online help is also easy to use. I would recommend this company and the software it produces to other users.”

Stephen Simmons
Transport Manager, Fleet Management North
Tasmanian Health Service

“I used I.T. Guaranteed's Fleet software for 16 years. It was easy to use, and reliable with little to no downtime. On the odd occasion when we needed help, it was prompt and friendly. I would recommend I.T. Guaranteed wholeheartedly.' ”

Bruce Baudinette
Fleet Manager (Retired), UTAS

100% Customisable to your requirements

100% Customisable to your requirements

Any and all parts of the software can be customised to the unique requirements of your organisation. Software should operate the way your organisation wants it to, not the other way around. We work with all stakeholders to ensure your organisation's requirements are not only met, but exceeded.

Reliable quick support

Reliable, quick support

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our 3 hour response times and 48 hour resolution times. Standard support is 9am to 5pm, business days, Australian Eastern Standard Time. 24/7 Support is available by negotiation.

Money back satisfaction guarantee

Money back satisfaction guarantee

It is what we named the business, after all. If our client isn't satisfied, then they can have their money back. You see, we prefer our clients to choose to remain with us rather than be forced to remain due to a contract that locks them in.

GITC approved supplier

GITC approved supplier

Your project will gain the approval of your I.T. department quicker and easier due to our GITC accreditation for software development and vast experience in working with government agencies.


Do you sell outside Australia?


What are your support hours?

Standard support is Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Tasmanian time, which is GMT+10 hours, or +11 hours in summertime. Email support will be repsonded to the next business day.

Do you provide after hours or 24/7 support?

After hours support or 24/7 support can be negotiated. Having said that our software runs requiring minimal support.

Will the software work over the internet?

Yes. We have a variety of packages available to suit all requirements. Our most popular version is a self-updating portable program. Web based alternative versions are available as are hybrid solutions that use web booking forms, but use the fast installable clients for dispatchers.

Is the software audited?

Yes. All entries and changes made within the software, even those by NEPT administrators, and logged, together with who made the change and when. The logs are accessible from the audit reports, which NEPT administrators may view.

Can users create their own reports?

Administrators can create new reports, by modifying one of the existing reports. The software includes a full Query by Example grid, and SQL editor.

Can the software be customised?

We are happy to customise the software to ensure that it meets your needs. Software should work the way your organisation does not the other way around.

More information

For more detailed information, please download our product feature and benefit guide.

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