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Menudex displays a menu of A to Z allowing users to connect with Outlook Contacts with a single click.

VOIP, SMS, Email or Skype your Outlook Contacts from the desktop

Outlook Click to Call

Menudex loads the contacts from Outlook when Windows starts, and then lives in the notification area so it is available to click to call to your Outlook Contacts immediately. No need to even open Outlook, let alone search for your contact.

Menudex resides in the notification tray
Place calls from your computer

Outlook Voip Dialer

Skype not your thing? Menudex can dial Microsoft Outlook contacts using VOIP. You choose which softphone you want to use. Don't have a softphone? Try this list. Menudex can be configured to use most of them. You can still use skype if you wish.

Email Greeting

Menudex will automatically add your greeting to the start of the any email created by Menudex. The automatic greeting may be customised to your requirements.

Automatic salutaion added to enew emails
Menudex does not create duplicates

No Syncing and No Duplicates

Menudex never changes, nor updates your Microsoft Outlook contacts information, so Menudex can never cause duplicate items. In addition there is no longer any need to import your contacts into your VOIP software or your SMS software. Menudex can connect with all of your contacts just using the information already contained in Microsoft Outlook.


Menudex will work with any Outlook version from Outlook 2000 up but not Outlook Express. In order to make VOIP calls a VOIP softphone is required, to send SMS, an SMS application is required, and to make Skype calls Skype is required.

Menudex works with any softphone
Softpedia 4 out of 5 Stars Award
"... Menudex is an interesting program that provides you with a useful set of functions, sparing you from having to search through your Outlook contacts list for every call or SMS you want to send, offering you all the information you need just a click away."
Reviewed by Softpedia on Dec 4 2013

See for yourself how easy it is to VOIP dial an Outlook Contact