Save on Software with Open Source

Are you paying the lazy tax for technology?

Astute consumers would already know of the lazy tax for insurance. That’s where failing to shop around and instead just renewing your annual policies can cost hundreds extra. Insurance companies are aware that policy holders are reluctant to switch insurers and are therefore keen to provide incentives, in the form of cheaper prices,to attract new…

Brand Name Warranty vs Local PC Shop

Anyone who reads those glossy computer magazines cannot help but be enticed by the advertisements for shiny new computers that can be built to order, and for much less than the brand names are offering. So why should a consumer pay more for those big name brands?

Mobile Phones can be expected to last more than 12 months

Mobile Phone Warranty is more than 12 Months

12 months warranty on a mobile phone is not legal in Australia. Nor is it valid on most consumer electronic equipment such as TVs, music players, computers, tablets or toasters. 12 months warranty is certainly not legal on a phone that is bought on contract. Legislation commenced in 2011 which made this more certain, if…